Some of our team just returned from a trip to St. Lucia documenting the community outreach and hurricane rebuilding efforts of Do Something World.  It was a fantastic week taking in the beauty of God’s creation, witnessing the painful struggles of a wounded community, and seeing God express his love through broken, but willing people.

Towards the end of the week, we took a long, curvy, carsick-y ride to the other side of the island to visit the prison outreach team and document what God was doing in the prison.  By then our energy was waning and the heat and humidity was battling daydreams of our families and the pillows awaiting us back home, but once we pulled our cameras out we were back into full scale documentary mode.

As per usual for the week, we were limited on time so instantly my mind went to locations, lighting, filter selections, interview questions, b-roll ideas, etc.  However, after a few interviews, we had to wait about 15 minutes for our next interviewee to become available.  During this time of waiting we sat in the shade of a back room and in the near distance I could hear the chapel full of prisoners singing and praising God.  In that moment I was overwhelmed by God’s grace as I realized that He was giving us a front row preview of what Heaven is going to look like.  

Throughout the day we heard countless testimonies from prison officials down to the prisoners themselves of what God was doing in their lives and in the prison and while they are currently divided as law enforcers and law offenders, one day we will all experience God’s true freedom and praise him together as one big family.

Above are some screen grabs from the video we captured that day.


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